Do You Know The #1 Reason That Has Left Your Home Unsold For Months?

Putting a house up for sale can be nerve-wracking. There’s almost always a lot of delayed maintenance and renovation needed to get the house to the point where it looks great. If the owner is living in the home while it’s on the market, there’s the added stress of always having the house look perfect or leaving at a moment’s notice because the real estate agent is coming by.

The Problems You Don’t Want When Your Selling Your Home

Keeping the home perfect is stressful, but these are the problems you don’t want.

  • What if no one is coming to look at the house?
  • Do people drive slowly by, but never stop?
  • Did a carload of people stop outside, followed by a call that the prospective buyers had changed their mind and weren’t coming in?
  • Did the listing agent suggest dropping the price by several thousand dollars?
  • Has the house been on the market for months?

Lack of Curb Appeal is Causing the Home Not to Sell

Curb appeal, or how attractive and welcoming the home appears from the street, has a tremendous impact on prospective home buyers. If they drive up to the house and the wife says, “Not interested, drive on,” that possible sale is dead. Here are a few suggestions for improving curb appeal.

  • Hire a professional landscaper for a landscape design. Experience pays. Explain the purpose and that you have a tight budget. It will cost a few hundred dollars, but that will be a lot less than reducing the price by several thousand in six months.
  • Weed, trim, and mulch. Get rid of anything that’s died or doesn’t look attractive. This isn’t the time to try to nurse a dying shrub back to life. Using the same mulch throughout helps to tie the landscaping together in a unified look.
  • Don’t just buy a bunch of annuals and plop them into the ground. Some will bloom quickly and fade away while others will look good for much longer. Take a drive and see what’s been planted in front of office buildings and housing developments. Professional landscapers chose those plants, so follow their lead.
  • Don’t forget to water. Hanging plants on a porch look great, but they can need daily watering in hot weather. Newly planted annuals will also need frequent watering.
  • Mow the lawn.

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