The Peterson Group: Singapore’s Expat Gathering 2015

The first ever expatriates’ gathering in Singapore will be held by The Peterson Group in its main office in The Peterson Group Building, Lot 4 Blk. 104 Jurong East St., Yuhua, Singapore this coming July, 2015.

TPG Bespoke Condominiums and Residential, which is known as a matchmaker when it comes to finding the best and most suitable home for you and your family by understanding people’s needs and preferences is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary with its members by throwing an extravagant party, Singaporean style.

Three years in the business, The Peterson Group has helped more than a hundred expatriates in settling in a foreign city by providing them with the most comfortable home following their needs and desires in house design and preferences. TPG has also partnered with more than 50 luxury condominiums and residential which only promises state of the art interior, strict security rules and best customer satisfaction.

The company is also able to take pride in the fact that no complaints have been left unsettled and no misunderstanding has been straightened out.

In an interview with TPG’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Peterson, he stated, “We always value our members and their partnership with us. Their needs are our first priority. This is the reason why we have been able to last three years with minimal challenge. Of course, we also take care of our shareholders. We wouldn’t be around this long without these glamorous condominiums who believe in us. We owe it all to them: our members, our partners and our staff”.

Paula Peterson, COO of the company and beloved wife of Jonathan also added, “I think the most important thing here is we treat each other as family. Even our members. We are expatriates in the country as well and we know how it feels like to live in a foreign country. Providing these expats with residence which they can treat as home is our way to help. We know each other. My husband even plays golf with some members every now and then”.

The event is one of the most sought-after gatherings by members, partners and even staff of The Peterson Group and is considered to be a sweet time to mingle and maybe even know new friends and acquaintances.

TPG is also providing matchmaking services in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will be holding the same event soon. The exact date for the gathering is yet to be decided.

Finding Your Home with the Best Real Estate Agents in Cookeville

Cookeville is by no means among the larger cities in the US state of Tennessee. But still, the city has been in the news lately. That’s because, many families and individuals are moving into the city. There is clearly good demand for Cookeville properties now. Many buyers are looking for the best real estate agents in Cookeville. Families are looking at homes for rent in Cookeville too.

Let’s try to find out the reasons why Cookeville is suddenly under the spotlight…

The city is clean, green, and safe. You will find parks, everywhere you see. The roads are neat and wide. Bigger stores are opening frequently. There are plenty of amenities all around. Plus, you will find employment opportunities as well. Naturally, the city’s real estate market is seeing good times. New properties are coming up all over. Homeowners are refurbishing their properties to make them appear better. You will find townhomes, condos, and apartments now in Cookeville, much like other parts in the United States. In fact, you will now find even a few gated communities here. There was a time when the city only had townhomes. Those days are long gone.

Are you thinking of moving to Cookeville in Tennessee? Stevens Realty, the best real estate agents in Cookeville, can help you find a property here. We help people buy and rent properties in the city, and elsewhere in the state. We deal in commercial properties as well. We offer property management services to landlords too. We help landlords market their properties to fetch good buyers and tenants.

We have served thousands of customers across the state since 1989. Speak to some of our customers and find out what they have to say about us. We employ professional real estate agents who have personal knowledge of each neighborhood in Cookeville. Do you have any question on the rental market or real estate purchase in the city? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We would be happy to answer all your queries. Our agents will help you all the way in finding just the right rental or purchase home in Cookeville. Try us once.

Homes at Cookeville

There are all kinds of properties you can select with the best real estate agents in Cookeville. We will help you pick from townhomes, condos, apartments and mobile homes. You will find both old and new properties.

Just let us know your budget and preferred neighborhood, and we are going to help you pick real estate that meets your precise requirement. Ask our real estate agents, if you are not from Cookeville, and don’t know about the preferred areas and neighborhoods. Our agents are all local, and have inside information of each neighborhood. You can browse the homes in our website as well. Do please read the detailed descriptions and see the pictures. They will help you decide. We have homes both on rent and for purchase.

There are plenty of properties in the city you can choose from. We are sure that you will find your property in Cookeville. Remember, Stevens Realty is among the best real estate agents in Cookeville.

Real Estate Lebanon – Zoning Laws

When it comes to real estate in Lebanon the zoning laws are quite strict. But before knowing them it is good to know what zoning means. When we have to buy a property in Lebanon and want to know the zoning of the property that we are interested in buying, first thing to do is visit the Cadastre Department at the Moukarzel building situated in Tabaris. Here we can get a copy of the cadastral plan of the property that we are planning to buy. Here we can also ask for the document about the area of the property.

But here too we may come across different measurements that will contradict with the owner and the developer of the property. This might make us wonder about the zoning laws related with the real estate in Lebanon. Which figures can be considered as true? The municipalities of Beirut and Tripoli are responsible for recording the official area of the properties. The General Directorate of Urban Planning and all its branches also carry out the records about the actual area of various properties. The scale on which the area is measured by these two is different. The urban planning uses the scales 1/50 and hence it is the most accurate one. While the cadastre department uses scale 1/200.

Hence while dealing with real estate in Lebanon we might come across different recordings of the area of the same property. The cadastre department only measures the actual area of the property while the urban planning measures the area including the common areas like stairwell. Hence the area measured by the urban planning will be certainly more compared to that measured by the cadastral department. Hence the urban planning will consider the elevators, roof, column below a building, generator room while measuring the area.

But one question arises here which is can the common area be up for sell? The common areas will be used by all those who will reside in that property. This is the point on which most of the professionals disagree. There are two groups here one who thinks that common areas are used by the buyer and hence it should also be considered while counting the area of the property. Others think opposite to it. But not all the properties in Lebanon follow the zoning laws. We can find the details about whether a particular property is zoned or not by visiting the town planning office.

Choose the real estate agent who can help you in real

Buying and selling real estates and assets is not a new thing, but it is indeed one of the biggest monetary decision of your life, so you should make sure that you take the right decision for it. But if you are not knowing all the tit bits of the real estate industry then you better hire a real estate agent to get you the best property in town and you can get the information on homes for sale in Maryland and then you can think of investment in the real estate market. But the question arises that whom to hire then make sure to search properly.  Always choose a person who has a good reputation in the market, for no only selling best homes in Maryland but the person should be also equally good in handling the buyers and serve them well with their experiences and the person should not force you to buy a certain property as the person would leave the decision on the buyer as the investment is totally a personal decision. The person should be competent in meeting the deadlines and they should also be advocate on the financial decisions and help their clients to save money and also see the future profit chances.

The best factors

There are other factors that can affect your deal is the attitude of the real estate agents and one can really decide on the communication skills of the person which is very important as it can make or break a deal and that is why to buy homes for sale in Maryland you need a person who can deal in them and he or she has the skills to handle all the qualities where he or she can also let the clients to buy or sell best homes in Maryland that can help them to deal the best homes and they can get their desired homes. The real estate agent should also have the expertise in the geographical locations and can deal in the various locations which is the most important factor and one should get the real estate agent who can help them to get the desired home. The real estate agent can also tell you all the details regarding the locations and the people can depend on them while selecting the locations and they will have the knowledge on the area which will include the schools, hospitals and marketplace nearby where the people will need them in case of selecting a home one should see all the amenities that will lead them to buy one.

Investment on Residential and Commercial Property in NCR

Noida is located 10 kilometers away from New Delhi and considered as one of the leading industrial center of the country. The city becomes most preferred residential destination and many reputed builders are launching their projects here. The property rates in Noida is much lower comparison to nearest city. According to recent reports, the property prices in Noida amazingly high in few years.

There are only a few locations which have made remarkable progress in residential and commercial sectors. Noida is one of the leading developed city of NCR where residential and commercial projects have been developing with full swing. When anyone looking to buy a residential property, location becomes the important factor before purchasing home. Top real estate companies offer affordable housing option at prime location of Noida. Builders has designed most of apartments, keeping the middle-class families in mind.

Live in a spacious and luxury Apartment/Homes

Residential projects in Noida offer luxurious, spacious and quality living solutions. In Noida, there are two types of residential projects are ongoing: economical and luxurious. The economical project’s price is much lower than luxurious project’s price. The investment on property in Noida always gives you higher return. Noida and Greater Noida becomes the favorite option over other city of NCR as Gurgaon and Delhi. The upcoming projects in Noida offers more spacious apartment with option of 2/3/4 BHK and included with latest features and amenities.

Property in Noida is best option for investment and residential purposes

Looking for investment in residential or commercial projects? The location of Noida-NCR offering so many top rated residential and commercial projects for both investment and living purpose. Investors may get higher return on capital on both residential and commercial properties in NCR. In last few years, the demand of property has increased due to multinational companies are open their offices in that location.

Aditya Estates is one of the leading real estate firm in Sector 18, Noida. They provide buy, sale, rent and lease services on property in NCR. The experienced real estate consultant team of Aditya Estates, gives personal assistance when you looking for property in National Capital Region. The team also suggest you to choose best projects or property for investment or living purpose. Aditya Estates also offering best deals on upcoming projects such as Shri Radha Sky Gardens, Gulshan Bellina, Saha Amadeus, Lotus Greens Sports City, Resizone The Grand Luxury and much more in NCR.

How to Choose the Right Residential Real Estate Broker

If you have been successful in hunting a perfect real estate broker, then you are never too far from your dream house. A good broker sincerely put his/her effort to be a part of your successful house hunting. To pick a right broker you can follow the simple steps


Talking to those who have recently bought a new house through the brokers can ease your way. This will help you in getting the reference of the one who has assisted them to get their dream house and may turn out to be the one to help you out in your home shopping.

Look for Location Specific brokers

For instance, if you are looking for property in Delhi, look for brokers who deal with the upcoming and resale properties in Delhi only or else, you will be wasting your time in the process

Search online

The virtual world has broadened the horizon of choices and you have solutions for everything you search. Internet could be one good source getting references of good real estate broker, who can get you leads for good houses in Delhi

Shortlist, interview and place your requirements

Once done with initial search, start meeting them and interviewing them. Don’t shortlist anyone until and unless you are fully convinced about his/her potential. While discussion, be upfront about your requirements and mention it to them specifically, so that both the parties are aware of their expectations and deliverables. For instance, if you are looking for 2bhk flat for sale in Delhi ensure that the search restricts to that or else it would have been a waste of time for both of you

To be very candid, house hunting with a broker is always a time consuming affair but, if have been empowered to pick your dream house amongst the best properties with the insight of outdoors as well as interiors and that also within a blink…surprising…isn’t it…Well, you can actually do that…simply by exploring is the map based real estate portal with a pan India presence featuring properties across the country. The user intuitive interface enhances your browsing on the site and you are instantly featured with the galaxy of options once you mention your requirement like the city and the services you want to opt for. The robust filters instantly streamline the search for you and the high definition gallery takes you to the virtual tour to have an understanding of the interiors of the house. You have the option to shortlist properties with a single click on the little heart button. The result screen displays the dual mode with the map presentation on the left and the list view on the right. All the related and respective details are furnished in the pop up window which slides from the right panel of the left side while you click on a particular property. provides real estate solutions beyond the conventional property dealings. Once you finalize the home you can also apply for home loans from leading financial institutes too…and now tell me who can provide you with so much of expediency at a single platform…so…why look for a broker when you can do it yourself

Housing Investment Options Increase in Jaipur


The city of Jaipur is one of the most prominent and popular new centres for urban property development. There are a large number of factors that have led to the high demand of housing in the city. But the major drivers of growth have been the economic development of the city. The city has evolved in the past two decades and is not only a major centre for tourism. While the tourism business operates independently, the state government has helped the local economy evolve to include numerous other services as well. It is now that these services have helped in the growth of Jaipur property and their growth would dictate the rise in demand for housing in the city in the times to come. Therefore anyone planning to invest in the city should consider the availability of houses here; and the options available would be plenty.


What has led to the growth in demand for housing in Jaipur?


There are a number of factors that have led to the growth in demand for housing in Jaipur overtime. The city has been considered to be one of the most promising new hubs of urban property development. However this has not been the end result of the robust tourism based economy. The overall changes in the market conditions and the growth of alternate industries in the city have been responsible for the overall growth in demand for housing in Jaipur.


The city is a hub of higher education and yearly produces skilled manpower that used to be lost to the Delhi NCR region for the lack of better employment opportunities in the city. the state government observed this loss and decided to bring in more companies to the city improve the local economy. The success of the first IT services companies in the city spawned the development. The government created special economic zone and IT parks to allow the growth of the IT services in the country. They helped in amassing organizations to establish themselves in the city. The engineering services and the consulting businesses also evolved in the city as a result. The development of this new industry helped push the demand for houses and flats for sale in Jaipur. The overall growth of the property business but then was stalled because of the economic recession which led to higher rates of interest. Buyers dissuaded from property purchase and continued to do so till the end of the year 2014. By this time the market sentiments had started improving. The RBI has since announced two reductions in the lending rates and they have been the main reason behind the growth of the demand for housing in Jaipur.


How to search for the best houses in Jaipur?


Property portal has emerged as one of the most prominent new sources of urban property search. The portal has emerged as one of the most poignant new tools for search of housing. Any property for sale in Jaipur that is listed on the portal is verified by the agents of Each property also comes with details not only associated with the house but also regarding the locality.


In Conclusion


Property portal has emerged as one of the most prominent new tools for searching properties in the top sixty urban locations across the country.


How To Differentiate Between Actual Sellers And Investors

In order to successfully negotiate the right price and to get the most monetary benefit from any real estate deal, it is very important to quickly identify the category of your seller. Both, actual sellers and investors need to be handled on a different level. Here are some tips on how to differentiate between actual sellers and investors.

Check The Time Factor: An actual seller might be residing in the same property for a number of years and might also be repaying his/her loan over a period of years. A quick check of the documents might soon lead you to the truth. On the other hand, an investor might have just purchased the property in the recent past with the intention of flipping it.
Check The Emotional Factor: An actual seller could be more emotionally attached to the property and would be willing to listen to and understand various offers that you might offer. An investor would be more interested in only the price factor and would be in a hurry to just dispose the property as quickly as possible.
Check The Price Factor: An investor might not be willing to negotiate on the price factor, since he/she might just have added the profit margin on their purchase price and the entire deal would be quite clear in their mind. However, an actual seller could be more flexible, while talking rates since he/she would have only an estimate of the actual rates in the mind. An actual seller in financial difficulty will be even more flexible and motivated to try and sell the property to you, whereas if an investor has just purchased a property on short sale and is confident to make a huge profit margin, then he/she might not budge from the fixed position.
Check The Paperwork: When you propose to buy any property from an actual seller, you will need to check all the facts of the deed in detail, especially if the property is quite old. On the other hand, if an investor were selling the property, then the papers would most probably have been already scrutinized and should be in proper order. However, ensure that all papers pass through your attorney’s hands and eyes.
Check The Physical Condition Of The Property: An investor could look at future dealings with you and therefore tell you about all the pros and cons of the physical condition of the property. However, an actual seller might only want to sell the property to you and make a rapid exit. Thus, even if the seller is singing praises about the property, take along a contractor, who can make a physical assessment of the property and give you an accurate report or you could be stuck with a damaged lemon on your hands.
Check the Body Language: Try to read the physical body language, since it will tell you a lot about the person with whom you are dealing. An actual seller will be more comfortable with various ideas that you could give, whereas an investor would already have formed his/her own ideas, on how and when to sell the property. The attitude of the person will also provide you with lots of important information.

Therefore, by correctly identifying the person with whom you plan to deal, you can quickly ensure that you provide the right motivation for them to part with the property. You can thus get the most out of that deal, while avoiding any of the above traps.

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Types Of Mezzanine Financing Available To Commercial Real Estate Owners

It is not uncommon for commercial real estate owners to structure a financing transaction with multiple layers of capital, each with a different risk-reward calculation.

For those commercial real estate and other businesses looking to add debt rather than equity when senior debt is maxed out near 70% LTV, borrowers may want to consider mezzanine financing. One of the uses of mezzanine debt is to add as much leverage as possible by increasing LTV to about 75-90%. It is also common for real estate developers to secure mezzanine loans when supplemental financing is needed.

By definition, mezzanine financing fills the gap between equity and senior debt in the capital stack and is subordinated to the senior. Sources of mezzanine debt include pension funds, insurance companies, other financial institutions, state agencies, and mezzanine debt funds.

Because mezzanine debt is considered riskier than senior debt with respect to collateral and cash flow rights, lenders of mezzanine loans tend to make their lending decisions based on the predictability of cash flow in excess of that required to service senior debt. In addition, lenders offering mezzanine debt frequently require an equity kicker above and beyond the higher interest income usually received to compensate for the added risk.

The maturity of typical mezzanine loans tends to range from three to five years, with principal payments commonly deferred until senior debt is retired. And while, by its nature, mezzanine financing has no hard and fast terms or structures, there are a few terms commonly used in commercial real estate transactions. The most common type used with stabilized properties is straight debt, where the lender receives no equity and has no management participation. On the other hand, when looking to increase LTV to 90%, borrowers may have to give up some cash flow equity and upside potential to lenders through the use of a participating note.

There are several types of mezzanine financing available:

Mezzanine Loans: Mezzanine debt can take many forms and can mean different things to different lenders. The most common and easiest type of mezzanine financing to understand is straight debt, also known as a second mortgage. With straight debt, the mezzanine lender is in a subordinate position, usually up to 85% LTV, with no equity participation in the cash flow and no management participation. Depending on the amount of leverage, the type of project, and owner history, yields typically fall within the 9-13% range, with terms similar to the senior debt.

One of the most important issues for mezzanine borrowers is the interaction between mezzanine and senior debt lenders. An inter-creditor agreement, which spells out the rights and remedies of a mezzanine lender and the interaction between a mezzanine lender and senior lender, is usually required in such transactions. Negotiating an inter-creditor agreement can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

Participating Loans: If higher leverage is the objective of a financing transaction, and borrowers are willing to give up some cash flow or equity for it, a hybrid form of participating debt instrument may be the way to go. With such debt, borrowers can usually boost LTV up to 90%, while lenders generally receive a slightly lower coupon rate on the note and may receive an exit fee when the property sells. Given the increased risk assumed by the lender from the amount of leverage involved, a higher overall yield is required from the combination of the coupon rate and the equity obtained in the transaction.

Hybrid Mezzanine Loans: Another type of mezzanine loan that is becoming increasingly popular is similar to a second mortgage with a major variation. Since many senior debt lenders prohibit second mortgages, this mezzanine loan is secured by the stock held by the company that owns the property involved. If the company fails to make timely payments on this type of mezzanine loan, the lender can foreclose by seizing the stock of the company. If the lender has control of the stock, the lender has control of the company and the property. Oftentimes, foreclosing on a loan secured by stock is much easier than foreclosing on a loan secured by property.

Because of the complex terms, costs and suitability of mezzanine financing, owners, developers and brokers across the country should consult expert advisory services to help successfully structure such challenging transactions.

Real Estate Law: Damages For Breach Of Warranty Covenants By A Seller

If you own real estate and sell it to a buyer under a general warranty deed, you can be liable to the buyer years later for some defect in the title that you didn’t even know about at the time you sold him the real estate, and you could end up having to pay the buyer up to the amount that he originally paid for the real estate, or in some cases the value of the land if it is more than what the buyer actually paid. Here’s how it could happen:

(1) If you breach the Covenant of Seisen or the covenant of the Right to Convey:

You can breach these by not having a freehold estate at the time you sold the real estate (you were only renting the property, for example), or by having a freehold estate that was illegal and didn’t give you the right to sell it to anyone. You can’t easily breach the first covenant accidentally, but it is possible to accidentally breach the second covenant. Damages will amount to the price the buyer paid for the property or whatever portion of it you failed to legally transfer to him. Some courts won’t even require to transfer the property back to you when you pay him the purchase price.
(2) If you breach the Covenant Against Encumbrances

You can breach this one if there is a mortgage on the property, for example, at the time you sell him the property. It is, then, quite possible to breach this covenant accidentally because you breach it even if the mortgage was taken out by the guy who sold the property to you and even if you didn’t know about it. Damages will amount to either the amount of money needed to remove the encumbrance (pay of the mortgage, for example), or the amount by which the market value of the real estate has been diminished on account of the encumbrance. In no case, though, will damages exceed the value of the land

(3) If you breach the Covenants of Warranty, Quiet Enjoyment, and/or Further Assurances

If your buyer ends up getting thrown off his property by someone who comes along with a superior claim to title to the real estate (you’d be surprised how easy it is for that to happen), you may have to pay the buyer back the amount he originally paid for the real estate (or a proportion of that if he’s only been thrown off part of the property).

Real Estate Property Agent Singapore

With more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry, Bernie serves both a local and an international client base.

Hardworking and astute to the changes in the real estate market, he is able to advise his clients accurately and profitably, be it timing the market to sell or to make price readjustments.

Other than assisting his clients in buying and selling properties in Singapore, Bernie is also experienced in providing housing solutions for professional expats and assisting them ease into the Singaporean culture and way of life. Having backpack-travelled around the world for 3 years, Bernie is very able to empathize with and understand the needs of clients who are relocating to Singapore for the first time.

Bernie also speaks the Japanese language.

He is a powerful negotiator, being able to do his best for his clients, usually surpassing their expectations of him. He goes beyond the duty of real estate agents by researching the market on behalf of his clients, and once even hired a van (and drove)!!! to personally help a client move-house simply because he promised to assist. Little did that client expect Bernie’s promise of ‘assistance’ to be in such an involved way. Needless to say, such from-the-heart service has won him rave reviews and made many such clients into good friends who continually refer business to him years after their initial encounter, or simply call him up for dinner.

Bernie believes that in business, as in life, we should give our 100% or nothing at all. Above all, he believes that we should have integrity in all business transactions, treating our clients as we would like to be treated.

Bernie is currently with ERA Realty Network, the only real estate company in Singapore that operates from its own buildings as well as being listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) under its parent company, Hersing Corporation.

Within 1 year of initially being with ERA Realty Network, Bernie was already inducted as a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Club for being a producer in the industry.

Bernie is a specialist on all types of residential as well as commercial properties in districts:

* 1 (City, Marina area, CDB),
* 4 (Sentosa Island),
* 9 (Orchard Road and surrounding),
* 10 (Balmoral, River Valley, Holland Road),
* 11 (Newton, Novena, Bukit Timah),
* 15 (East Coast, Katong)

That said, he also welcomes all enquiries and offering assistance on properties in other districts of Singapore as he heads a team of dedicated real estate agents who handles properties in all other areas of Singapore.

Together, Bernie and team handles:

* New Project Launches
* Condominiums
* Landed properties (Terrace houses, Semi-Detached, Bungalows)
* Land for rebuilding
* Commercial properties
* Industrial space
* Worker housing

Feel free to get in touch with Bernie at his mobile during business hours.

Below are 3 testimonials for Bernie:

Rick Aston:

Actually for several months, I have been coming to Singapore on business trips…with various agents looking for properties. We were under a time constraint to find a place… I was starting to get frustrated with the other agents. They weren’t really listening to what we were looking for as a family. He found this place that no other agent was even aware of nor prepared to show us. He got us a great place… we’ve been very happy here and it (the home) suited the whole family. So he definitely delivered.

When we finally found it (the property), we actually went through quite a process of negotiation which Bernie helped out very much with.

After we signed the contract and moved in, Bernie helped with the repairs and/or general upkeep.

And then we just stayed in touch actually, just to discuss the general property market.

We’d recommend him and we have recommended him to friends. So definitely (happy). (Bernie is) Very good. (A) very good agent!

Susan Lau:

I asked for the electricity and water to be cut off (utilities). If I leave it on and sometimes when they go viewing (the property) and if they forget to switch it off, the bill might go sky-high. So I was afraid of that. But then he (Bernie) assured me to just leave it for 2 weeks, because someone might want to see (the property) at night, so I might miss the chance of (selling the property). Because of that, I gave him 2 weeks to see what were the results.
He was able to produce results in less than two weeks! I feel very relieved and very happy that I can have the entire episode closed up, because it has been dragging (for 4 months before Bernie assisted in the marketing of the property) and I became so tired of it (the selling process).

In fact, they (the buyers) gave me a certain amount (price to purchase) but Bernie said he will try to get some more (better price). He (successfully) did that.

Bernie is a very effective agent, has the human touch, and (is) humourous.

I am very very satisfied (with Bernie and his services).

Doreen Tan:

(Once) I told him (Bernie) that I have tried (for) quite some time to acquire my neighbour’s land… but it wasn’t successful. So, he put in effort to locate the owner(s) to approach the owner(s) a few times (to eventually convince them to sell the property), and to negotiate a very reasonable price for me and also for the owners(s). So we’re very happy.

He really goes the extra mile to do research and to understand more of what his clients want.

I am very happy (with Bernie) because he is not a pushy person (agent). When he sees the house and feels that this is not what I want, he will not ask me to spend time to go and have a look. That is what I appreciate (of him). He knows very well what his clients want. And he knows what I want.

And he will follow up and ask ‘How are you’. (Regarding) His service, I should say is EXCELLENT.

He will do (continous) research for the whole market (property), Asian and also the whole world’s market (in general). He will give his ideas (views) to keep us updated (clients) on what is happening in the property market. I don’t think there are many property agents (who are) willing to do extra work, extra research for his or her clients.

I did recommend someone to Bernie, and that is my partner, Dora.

I am very, very satisfied with his (Bernie’s) service.

Now I am building my dream house. ‘Thank you’ to Bernie!


Why Investing In Commercial Real Estate In USA Is Profitable

Many people are aware of the huge benefits of investing in real estate. Most of us though, start out by investing in residential real estate simply because we understand the process of buying homes. However, if you are considering investing in real estate, it’s about time you sat up and took notice of commercial real estate. It can be a great way to balance your portfolio. You just need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the commercial real estate market and understand why and how it can yield high returns. Here are some reasons that might help you look at investing in commercial real estate in a more positive light and show you why it is an excellent investment option:

Substantial Income: One of the biggest benefits to investing in Commercial Real Estate in the USA is that assets are generally secured by leases which provide a regular income stream, significantly higher than typical stock dividend yields.

Appreciation of Asset Value: Commercial real estate investments have long provided an excellent appreciation in value that meet and exceed other investment types. Property can generally increase in value based on external factors such as supply and demand imbalances and internal factors such as proactive management—making cost-effective improvements to the property that improves the usability and desirability of the asset. You can hire a Commercial real estate management firm to assist you with this.

Provides Superior Leverage Against Inflation: Commercial real estate investments have had the highest correlation to inflation when compared to other asset classes. As the USA, Asia, and Europe continue to carry out policies to print more money to spur economic growth, it is important to recognize the benefits of owning commercial real estate as a hedge against inflation. When inflation occurs, the price of real estate and multi-tenant assets in particular, that have a high ratio of labor and replacement costs, also rise.

Strong Asset Value: Commercial real estate is one of the few investment classes that is a hard asset that has meaningful intrinsic value. The property’s land as well as the structure have value. By choosing the location and quality of the asset wisely, investors can benefit from the security of knowing that they own an asset that has the potential to earn income regardless of what happens to the existing tenant(s). For this reason, commercial real estate investments do not fluctuate with the same volatility as the stock market.

As with any investment, it pays to do your homework. Research the previous vacancy rates and talk to storefront managers and find out what they like—and don’t—about doing business in that property or area. Once you take the time to understand the intricacies of investing in commercial itcan prove to be an extremely rewarding venture, both financially and personally. personally.

Real Estate Liability and Law of Tort – Personal Nuisance and Negligence

The essential principle of nuisance to could be a person committing a nuisance by using his property to cause damage to the property of another. This is known to be a huge downside on beachfront properties for sale in Jamaica where some owners liked to parade on the beach nude.

Liability of occupier and owner for non-public nuisances:

The primary liability for a nuisance rests upon the occupier of the premises upon that the nuisance arose and there is no liability forged upon the owner of the premises just by reason of his ownership. However if the owner has created the nuisance then he, and not the occupier, will be responsible for it. Thus if the owner of Jamaica home premises creates a nuisance upon those premises and then lets them with the nuisance still existing he’s liable because he has created the nuisance. However in such a case the occupier can conjointly be liable if, with notice of the nuisance, he has allowed it to continue.

Defenses to an Action for Nuisance

1. Good Defenses:

(a) Statutory Authority – Act licensed by Statute;

(b) Lawful User – defendant’s lawful use of his own Jamaica land and property resulted in harm to the plaintiff’s land;

(c) De Minimis – harm is trifling.

2. Ineffectual Defenses – The following are rejected by the Court:

(a) Returning to the nuisance;

(b) Public Benefit – though harmful to the individual plaintiff, it is useful to the general public as a whole;

(c) Care and Ability – it is no defense that the defendant exercised all doable care and skill to forestall the operation complained of from turning into a nuisance.

Remedies for Nuisance:

1. Action for Damages

2. Injunction

3. Abatement – hardly used remedy because the law feels that it may lead to problems.


Negligence has two separate and distinct meanings in the law of tort:

(i) A frame of mind in that some torts could be committed. I commit a trespass intentionally or I might commit it negligently as a results of carelessness.

(ii) Breach of a legal duty to require care ensuing in damage.

When there’s a case of negligence, the plaintiff must prove that:

(1) The defendant owed him a requirement to require care;
(2) That there was a breach of that duty

(three) As a results of that breach he has suffered damage;

(four) Such harm is not in law too remote a consequence of the breach of duty.

The Duty of Care

There can be no liability for negligence unless in the particular case the defendant was subject to a legal duty to take care. He must owe this duty to the plaintiff himself, either alone or with different persons. For instance, the occupier of land or premises is beneath sure duties towards persons who come onto his Jamaica property or into his premises, but the duty which he owes a visitor isn’t owed to a trespasser.

The circumstances in that a obligation of care does exist are infinite, so the subsequent are examples:

(one) Persons using the high manner;

(two) Master and servant;

(three) Carriers of passengers

Commonplace and Degree of Care

The quality of care is mounted – that of the standard cheap man. The degree of care which an normal cheap man would use is relative and whether or not an act or omission is negligent depends upon the circumstances of the particular case.

Remoteness of damage

A plaintiff can only recover compensation for loss that in Jamaica real estate law is not too remote a consequence of the wrongful act. A defendant is liable solely for injury that could reasonably are foreseen.

Proof of Negligence

The burden of proving negligence is on the one that alleges it, as an example, the plaintiff, and he must prove not solely that the defendant was negligent however that it had been the reason for the injury he suffered.

Contributory Negligence

This can be a failure to take cheap take care of one’s safety and a person is guilty of contributory negligence if he ought reasonably to own foreseen that, if he didn’t act as a fairly prudent man, he would possibly hurt himself.

Negligence isn’t like fine line as nuisance in Jamaica real estate. Assume an example that a man who purchases Jamaica beach land for sale and discovers that as a result of a neighbor his landscape has suffered damage. This can be negligence on the part of the neighbor.


How To Get the Most Out of Your Winter Retreat in Phoenix Arizona

There are many reasons why snowbirds – winter visitors, flock to Phoenix Arizona during the winter season.
In a research made by the National Association of Realtors, Canadians make up at least 10% of the total foreign purchasers of homes in the United States.
Foreigners from countries such Canada, Germany, Russia, Brazil and some northern U.S. states that experience heavy snow enjoy the perennially warm climate of Arizona.
These winter visitors also find almost anything and everything they need for recreation and entertainment under the Phoenix Arizona sun while on their winter break. From trail hikes, horseback riding, golfing, and trekking, winter visitors are bound to experience something they don’t normally enjoy in their countries with cooler temperatures.
Renting Versus Purchasing a Winter Retreat in Phoenix Arizona
The reasons for opting for Arizona during the winter months are obvious enough. The next question, however, is whether one should rent or buy their own winter retreat in Phoenix Arizona.
Renting allows you more room for exploration from place of retreat to another, from one hotel to another, and from one scenery to another. Considering the number of places you are left to spend your winter months, however, you won’t be left with a lot. The choices will always eventually lead you back to Arizona. In such case, it would be a lot cheaper and more affordable to get a second home winter retreat in Phoenix Arizona where you and your family can spend the entire winter season in.
Traveling to Arizona has also now become more convenient. Now, winter visitors can take direct flights to Phoenix. Other key places around the area are also accessible by car within about an hour and a half’s ride in a car or shuttle.
Each option has its own set of advantages and downside. The idea is to identify your needs and requirements as a traveler or as a potential owner of a winter retreat in Phoenix Arizona, and to proceed from there.
Deciding On Your Winter Retreat Investment in Phoenix Arizona
The kind of investor you are should help determine the price and location of the property. Generally, there are two types of buyers of winter retreats in Phoenix: those individuals or families who want to escape from the winter and simply enjoy a generally warm and sunny Arizona holiday, and those who want to immerse themselves in Phoenix lifestyle and activities. Find a location that is most accessible to your purpose for purchasing the property.
As a prospective winter retreat buyer, one should also take the time to conduct a home inspection with your real estate broker before purchasing the property. A real estate broker will not only help you find the best property listings that fit your budget, they can also help you assess and evaluate the property and gather all the necessary documents, reports, and records of the property to help you make a better, more informed decision.

Why do you need a Real Estate Agent?

Today’s home owners have many options in hand which help them to make successful real estate transactions. With the real estate market recovering from the crash in mid 2000’s, the percentages of sales has risen considerably in the recent times. Though it may seem that real estate agencies are on a verge of extinction, but that’s just a myth. At times handling real estate contracts, fixing the right asking price, etc might be very tricky.

Though home owners may save a lot of money by doing things themselves, it is recommended that they take professional whether they invest in residential projects in Kolkata or buy/ sell apartments in Kolkata. Doing things themselves often cost homeowners more, than what they have to pay the agents.  So here are few reasons why homeowners should not reject the idea of hiring a real estate agent:

  1. Better Access and convenience: Real agents are known to simplify the home buying/ selling process since they have the expertise and take charge of everything on behalf of the buyer and seller. They work as a link between the two parties and offer better exposure to the properties listed by other agents as well. Agents know what it takes to complete a deal faster and also help the buyers/ sellers to get the best deals. Real estate buying or selling requires prompt responses and the agents are experts in doing this. If homeowners choose to do things themselves they might actually miss on a huge number of interested parties, since they fail to respond quickly.
  2. Negotiating is Tougher than it seems: While homeowners may think they can save a lot by negotiating themselves, it might turn out otherwise. The relationship between buyers and sellers is not an easy one and in most cases they don’t get along very well, since each one thinks of his own benefits. An agent acts as a connection between buyers and sellers so that the messages are conveyed correctly. They have better negotiating skills and know how to convince people.
  3. Real Estate Contracts are Tricky: Real estate buying or selling involves signing contracts    so that people are protected from certain situations, when one fails make the payments. Agents work with such contracts regularly and know what should be included and what should be omitted to keep parties protected.
  4. Agents work for their client’s best Interests: Real estate agents are licensed professionals so they are bound to work for their client’s interests. They are bound by the common law so any offensive act on their part will be taken seriously. Moreover, real estate agents depend on referrals and recommendations, so they’ll try hard to serve their clients in the best possible way and get the best deals.
  5. Do homeowners really save money? If homeowners decide to crack the deals themselves, they’ll have to fix the selling price depending on the comparable properties in the neighbourhood, hoping to save the commissions of the agents. It might so happen that the seller gets a notion of this and quotes a price that is less than the ideal selling price, to save some money himself. So neither the buyer nor the seller gets to save enough money.

Real estate buying or selling is a very complex process, since a lot of paperwork has to be done, lot of questions have to be answered and most importantly you need to get the best deals. All this might not be possible by the homeowner himself. So whether one looks for buying an apartment in Kolkata or sell a property, hiring an agent would be beneficial.